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How To Use A Hose To Supply Water To An Outdoor Fountain In Your Garden

by Myrtle Herrera

Ceramic fountains can add beauty and ambiance to most backyard gardens. If you lack plumbing skills, you can use a garden hose to operate the fountain. Here is how to use a garden hose to operate a fountain in your garden.

You Will Need:                                           

  • Ceramic Fountain
  • Pedestal
  • Garden Hose
  • Three-Way Spigot
  • PVC Piping

Step One: Pick Location

The first thing you want to do is choose where in the garden you want to place the fountain. The primary consideration is picking a spot near a water spigot on the side of the house.

Step Two: Dig a Trench

Running a hose on top of the dirt through the garden to operate the fountain can distract from the beauty of your garden. Instead, you'll want to bury it under the dirt. To do this, dig a trench about six inches wide a foot or two down under the dirt from the hose spigot on the side of the house to the fountain.

Step Three: Install Hose Line

You need to protect the hose from collapse in case people walk over it and press it down with the weight of their bodies. The best way to do that is to slide the hose through PVC pipes before you bury it in the trench.

PVC pipes typically come in standard 8 foot lengths. Lay down the amount of PVC pipes you need to stretch from the hose spigot to the fountain along the edge of the trench. If you need a shorter piece along the trench, cut a length of PVC pipe with a hacksaw so the pipes fit exactly from the spigot to underneath the fountain.

Take the garden hose and feed it through the sections of pipes. Connect the one end of the hose to the pipes running inside the fountain.

Drop the hose and PVC pipes into the trench. Close the seams between the pipes by pushing them together.

Step Four: Connect Hose to Fountain

Connect the hose to the pipe going through the fountain.

Fill the trench in with dirt.

Step Five: Connect Hose to Spigot

You'll want to use a three-way plug on the hose spigot if you still want access to the spigot for watering the garden. Use a three-way spigot with dual shut off valves. Put the three-way spigot on the main spigot and connect the hose line to one of the "Y' ends. Make sure the valve on the "Y" end you are not using is shutoff.

Turn on the water from the main spigot and open the "Y" ends connected to the hose line going to the fountain. Make sure the turn off the valve when the fountain is not in use to conserve water. For assistance with your fountain, talk to a professional like Bob Williams Nursery Inc.