Running a Small Farm

How to Get a Healthy Lawn

by Myrtle Herrera

A healthy lawn does not just happen on its own. You need to do a little work to achieve a lawn that you can be proud of. To make things easier on yourself, you will want to check out the following tips.

Keep the Lawn Mower Blades Sharp

Do not make the mistake of assuming that the blades on your lawn mower are going to be just fine for your grass as long as they move. Over time, the edges of the blades will begin to become dull, even if all you are hitting them against is blades of grass. If you continue to cut your grass with dull blades, the grass will actually be torn instead of receiving a clean crisp cut. Therefore, you may want to sharpen the blades once a year before the start of your grass-cutting season. You can do this yourself or take your lawn mower to a repair technician.

Do Not Cut the Grass With the Blades Too Low

You will want to keep your lawn mower blades set on their highest setting in order to prevent the grass from being cut too short. Ideally, you will want to only cut the one third of the length of the grass. If you cut any more than that, you risk putting the grass into shock. It can cause the grass to dry out and even completely die under the right conditions. If your grass is extremely long because you were not able to cut it for a while, you will want to cut it two times as you slowly lower the blade and give a couple of days in between the cutting. This way, you will not kill the grass.

Leave the Grass Clippings on the Lawn

Instead of raking up the grass clippings, you will want to leave them on your lawn. They will quickly decompose so you will not have to worry about them harming the look of you lawn for long. If you do have areas of grass clippings that are clumped up together, you may want to spread them out with a rake or even your foot, as this will allow for better decomposing. During the decomposing process, the grass clippings will add nitrogen to the soil, which is beneficial to your efforts of creating a green and plush looking lawn.

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